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At no time in a business entity’s lifetime will the need for in depth, accurate and insightful planning be more compelling than upon initial organization. The choice of business entity, be it corporation, subchapter S corporation, general or limited partnership or limited liability company, involves legal and tax consequences which can have a significant impact upon the business and its profitability.

Prior to recommending a choice of business entity, our firm performs a thorough analysis of the contemplated business, its assets, liabilities, anticipated earnings and capital requirements. This analysis extends to the business owners, their financial contributions, their participation in the business and their individual tax postures.


The choice of business entity can have a significant impact upon the business and its profitability.

Having performed this analysis, the firm recommends both a form of organization and procedures designed to facilitate the initial financing and operation of the business. Where appropriate, the relationship of the business’ owners and executives with the business, and each other, is defined with employment and buy-sell agreements.
Our comprehensive approach to organizational legal and tax planning is designed to lay a firm foundation for the success and growth of the business enterprise.
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